Top 5

Here are the top 5 things from my week!

1. We went on a family run/walk with the running group!  This was my first run since having Asher and it felt good to get out there!  Plus, Asher pretty much was a happy guy the whole time and even slept through us getting appetizers with people on the patio after the run.


2. I had the privilege of speaking at Kids Camp!  I love Kids Camp and wish I could have spent more time out there this year, but so loved being able to speak even if I felt a little scattered.  I spoke about Balaam’s Donkey 🙂

3. Asher is already a month old!  We took some cute pictures too for thank you cards!  And his relationship with Boaz is already hilarious 🙂


4. Some of our cloth diapers came! I’m excited to try them out after I get them all washed and ready.

5. I’ve been loving a couple of devotions that I downloaded on my phone in addition to spending time reading the Bible and prayer journaling.  God has been gracious and good to me in this season.



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