January: What I’ve Learned

Most of you know that I love a good Africa blog, post, picture, etc.  So, recently, when I was clipping through my blog reader, I found this post recapping about things learned in January (Uganda edition).  I love the idea of looking back at the month and finding little joys alongside the lessons that were learned.  Since it just so happens to be a Friday and the last day of January, I can’t see any reason not to join in on the fun!  Only thing better would be doing an Africa edition myself!

1. Budgets rock.  But expect for the budget to challenged, changed, and for you to need to be flexible.  I’ve come to see more and more that we can make money an idol by being super ruled by our budgets or by throwing the budget out the window.  I do love a good Excel spreadsheet though!

2. Boaz is crazy (well, this isn’t a new lesson…).  He’s decided that he enjoys bringing us things like mittens and just putting them in our laps.  Yep. That’s my favorite puppy. IMG_7382 3. This whole pregnancy thing brings all sorts of surprises. (17 weeks below–I’m almost 18 now!–and haven’t really gained weight yet but I definitely look a bit different!)


4. I shouldn’t put off getting my hair cut as long as I do! Hello straight hair…and then back to my usual curly.

IMG_7423 IMG_7427

5. This little baby is so loved (let’s be honest…this baby is already getting all sorts of gifts!)IMG_7397

6. Walks with my husband are still my favorite  even in the ridiculous cold (and I love that he’s all on board for trying to be able to go back to do the Crazy Horse race this year! –we were supposed to do the marathon last October but got stopped by a blizzard…we’re thinking the half would *maybe* be do-able based on when this little baby is coming!) IMG_7347 7. I love creating fun things!  This is for our CORE Kids–we are reading through James and Jude in February and March!easelly_visual 8. Hebrew is legit.  There’s so much to learn, but at least it’s fun! IMG_7363 9. Not having graduate school classes anymore is super weird….I miss them, but also am thankful to be done!

10. God is so gentle with me and not pushy or demanding.  He can handle all my strong emotions.

2 thoughts on “January: What I’ve Learned

  1. Oh, I love this idea. I was playing around with doing some sort of January wrap-up post too. I have it saved as a draft – maybe I will piggyback off this idea, if you don’t mind 🙂

    I love your little baby bump, your cute haircut, your little babe – and YOU!

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