Things I’m Loving Friday

1. My one word for the year! I’m so excited for this word even if it’s already been hard!

2. Gummy vitamins! They taste yummy and I actually take them.

IMG_69873. Sleepy, cute, cuddly puppies.

Boaz has been so good to me in the mornings and sleeps most of the time, which is so nice!  Poor puppy though has not been able to get outside much because of the extreme cold.  Thankfully, he’s been a champ and gone on the treadmill with me a few times even if I go much slower than he would like!

IMG_70664. Days off with these guys.

A day off in the middle of the week was perfect!  We slept in, got some things done, watched a movie, and generally just hung out together.  Pretty sure I could get used to having him around all the time.  I suppose work is important too 😉 And I would get antsy if we didn’t do anything and would eventually make us leave! Even though, I love a good day at home; I also love getting out!

5. Mornings to read! Almost done with the Divergent series too!

I was so happy to see that while this series reminds me of the Hunger Games, they are different enough.  So far, they have been fast, easy, and interesting reads.  I am curious about the movie that is coming out soon too!  I also downloaded a whole bunch of those free Beth Moore books! My reading list for 2014 is growing!  I got Angie Smith’s What Women Fear and Chasing God too for Christmas.  So many good things to read!

–Thanks to Julie for the fun post idea!

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