A Year in Pictures

I love looking back on the year and seeing all the big, awesome things that God did along with the messy, hard things.

IMG_5049January included a plane ride to Virginia, lots of thank you cards, and a fun month of being married!


February meant a delicious cake for Valentine’s Day! IMG_5624

March included playing with Boaz!IMG_5785

In April, we saw Sigur Ros!

May was Birthday month for Ryan! Full of presents and a ridiculous cake!


June meant a road trip to D.C. and summer!IMG_6347In July, we got to see Greece friends at Liberty and finish my last intensive!

IMG_6517August brought an impromptu trip to Michigan to see Africa friends!!

IMG_6729September included time to pick some sweet corn 🙂

IMG_6889October meant Boaz running crazy down the road! We missed our marathon due to a blizzard, but at least we ran a lot this year!

IMG_6953In November, I took my big test and we stayed in Moorhead at a hotel with these fun little ducks!

IMG_7088Decembers are my favorite.  Our first anniversary, a book tree, Christmas, and my birthday!


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