Hello 2014

Hello 2014. Open.


Open hands. Open heart. Open eyes. Open ears.  This year that has just begun feels like it will be full of opportunities, open doors, and open road adventure.  I thought I would hide out in God’s goodness, but He led me instead to be open. There is so much mystery and unknown coming this year.  So many things that will shake my world in ways that I cannot predict.  Sometimes we can prepare and prepare and prepare, but in the end, we need to be open to embracing the situations and circumstances thrown our way in the best way possible. Thankfully, while being open, I can rest in knowing that God knows.  He sees.  He’s gone before me and He’s prepared the way.  He already knows the doors I will need to pry open and the ones that I need to find.  He knows the open windows that will bring in the fresh breath of air when I’m drowning.  There’s beauty to be found this year.  Being open requires new levels and a depth of vulnerability, truth, authenticity, transparency, willingness, and courage.  So, 2014. I’m here. Ready and open.

Let the weight of your glory come and settle on us now

We stand in awe for you are holy and your kindness overwhelms

Be lifted up you heavenly gates

Be opened wide you ancient doors.

Open to opportunities.    Open to rebuke and criticism.    Open to change.      Open to serve.     

Opening my home.        Open to deeper friendships.       Open to others.         Open to move or stay. 

Open to adventure.     Open to risk.    Open to vulnerability.       Open to truth.         Open to love.

Open to God.

7 thoughts on “Hello 2014

  1. You are part of my tribe:) My word is Open as well! Open the door and go outside; open THE book and read His words; open my heart and let Him in; open my schedule and free up time; open my hands and grasp His. It’s going to be a good year!

  2. “Being open requires new levels and a depth of vulnerability, truth, authenticity, transparency, willingness, and courage.” I loved what you said there. My word this year is open as well (like Cary I found you via our tribe page). Thanks for opening up your heart and sharing. May we remain on this journey of learning to become more open together. After all, I am convinced coincidences don’t exist only divine encounters. May He guide you evermore to Himself as you seek to become more open to what He has planned for you.

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