Life lately

Lately….we’ve been packing on the miles! We ran 12 miles this last long run which was “short.” But man did it feel good to finish under 2 hours. Plus, I absolutely love running with my husband. I’m so thankful he puts up with my crazy plans of running a marathon together. Boaz loves it too. He freaks out the second he sees my running shorts or shoes! Such a funny dog.


Lately…we’ve been rocking the aviators.


Lately…we’ve been eating good food!


Lately…we’ve been making good food (cue truffle mac!)


Lately….I’ve been listening to Oceans by Hillsong. Let’s just say I’m obsessed with the lyric: You’ve never failed…and You won’t stop now.

Lately…I’ve been praying and praising God for His goodness (it’s been a theme lately…). There’s just even more brewing, waiting to be revealed by Him!

How’s life for you lately?!


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