Five Minute Friday! Hello writing… 🙂

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Last year….I was wading through moving to a new apartment, finally being home to enjoy my now husband but then boyfriend, taking classes, and just getting the hang of my new job. All at the tail end of coming back from Greece and Italy and London.

Last fall…I got to put on an amazing ring custom designed by my amazing husband, we got to dream of fun wedding places, and I got to head off to Africa.

Last winter….I got to marry my favorite person in the mountains on a fun day and then we got to jet off to the beach. I even got to see my pregnant guate friend at my crazy bridal shower that showed me so many people were celebrating with us.

Last spring…my two dear friends sent pictures of their adorable babies being born and I learned just how much fun marriage is.

Last few months…have been full of trips to DC and liberty and Michigan and the cities and lots and lots of running training for our marathon!

There’s so much goodness and its always fun to focus on that than the drama. The Lord is good.


4 thoughts on “Last

  1. Stopping by from FMF and a fellow newlywed still learning “just how much fun marriage is”! What a fun-filled and blessed year to look back on. Remembering the good and grace, not the drama, with you!

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