After heading to Michigan to see some dear friends, Africa has definitely been on my heart (oh wait when isn’t she?!). So needless to say, finding Nando’s peri peri at a Whole Foods on Wednesday totally made my day!

The Lord is so sweet to me when I least expect it and He is ever surprising me with ways that show He is mindful of me.

Life has been full of twists and turns and unexpecteds but His goodness remains an ever present thread. Even when I cannot see through the fog of all my questions, He’s good and He is yes and amen.

I’m excited to keep unveiling all that comes my way in this season and this next season feels like it will start soon with a whole new level of goodness. Until then I’m off to eat some yummy peri peri!

P.s. I know I haven’t blogged for forever so I’m (maybe) easing my way back into this little space. I figured even if my computer’s Internet is not always reliable, I can still check in on my phone 🙂


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