For fun, I thought I’d post again today.  Plus, I’ve had a sleepy puppy all morning so I might as well take advantage of the quiet and snuggly time. I saw this on Alece’s blog and she gave credit to Brene Brown who said, ” I believe a joyful life is made up of joyful moments strung together by trust, gratitude, and inspiration.”  I did add the last FAVORITE part to it for an extra dose of joy =)

I am TRUSTING that god has a plan in this crazy wild ride that includes grad school, internship hours, marriage, and wonderings about how it’s all going to come together and work out. I’m trusting that all that I’m doing today will not be wasted and will not be for nothing, but that it has a purpose. 

I am GRATEFUL for slow mornings with my puppy and my Bible and for nights with my husband.

I am INSPIRED by bright colors, sunshine, friends, puppies, music, pinterest, traveling

My FAVORITE parts of the week were watching the voice with the husband, getting planet earth, and napping with Boaz.


How about you? What’s your TGIF look like today!? Any other ideas for another word that would work for the F?

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