five minutes of writing on friday! i’m ready. are you? jump on in on the fun over here.

here’s the prompt!


the music fades, the people have left, the airplane lands, the fanfare slows, and we find ourselves in the after. the after moments of eery quiet filled with tense wondering of is this all there was and the wide eyed anticipation of just how these moments will change everything.  for in these moments and places and situations the course of our story changes.  sometimes i’ve known ahead of time that i will lay down my rock to create an altar of remembrance.  other times the moments pass me by before i’ve realized that that was the time when things changed. there’s the before and the after africa. the before and after “i do.” the before and after “god, you are my all in all.” my life is filled to the brim with these sacred moments and while some of them hurt so bad that i’d rather skip them altogether, i can’t help but still recognize the powerful ways they’ve changed me.  they’ve rearranged me. He’s rearranged me. He’s wrecked me. wholly and fully for His purposes and plans. being conformed and being renewed requires a whole lot of bending and stretching and fitting awkwardly into the new afters.

10 thoughts on “after

  1. The after sounds like the beginning of a new chapter of living out a life completely sold out to Him. I love those chapters! Blessings as you walk in His ways and allow His transformation to continue to wreck you.

  2. Beautifully written. I haven’t poked around your blog yet so I bet I will learn this…but you live in Africa? Amazing. Where I thought I’d be, but the Lord has a way of redirecting our plans. 🙂 Wrecked for Him….before Africa and after, before “I do” and after, so blessed by your post today. Blessings!

  3. You are so right, those life-changing moments sometimes sneak themselves in and we don’t even realize we begin to live in the “after” until much later. I am so blessed to be able to witness some of your “before and afters” in life and to have you witness mine! 🙂

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