Oh hey…

I’ve been rolling around with all sorts of posts in my head, but haven’t had the chance to sit down to write them out.  This week is a little crazy between work and other commitments.  We’re busy every night of this week except for Monday….then we get all the fun Easter-ness over the weekend!  So, we’re going to write a little “mind-dump” slash what’s up Wednesday.

finished….breaking free by beth moore! now to see what one to do next. any bible study suggestions?

finishing….tonight’s the last night of Wednesday services at church.  I’m excited to celebrate with the kids about all that they’ve learned and accomplished this year!

started….a bible study on luke, a fun new strength & weight lifting program, and a running program

starting…another book that my mom gave me called healing which is supposed to be fabulous and about plantation life.

read….sacred marriage

reading…bringing up boys, love & respect

standing out….the prodigal son story and how the father went out to the older brother

wanting…mountains and a trip to africa

eating….homemade oatmeal cream pies and mashed potatoes (not at the same time!)

baking…a cake for tonight

realizing…cleaning and taking out the garbage are both my least favorite chores

looking forward to….saturday with the husband and easter services to hear the music they’ve been working on so hard!

thinking about…the prophecy that was spoken over us on sunday.

thankful for…so many things but especially parents who lend us cars when crazy things happen like windshields shattering.

praising god for…encouragement and affirmation.


How about you? What’s up in your life?