Friday! This week has passed me by in a busy, but good way.  Last week, I was able to write all sorts of posts and this week, I’m just stopping by for the first time.  So, here goes a little 5 minute friday writing.


my husband remembers so many things i don’t. he remembers what he was wearing when we went on our first date and our first non-date and all sorts of firsts. he remembers what i wore to sonshine.  he remembers what we have ordered at restaurants. he remembers the details, the images, the moments. as he stirs up his own memories, he tells me the stories and i’m right there with him remembering and savoring the times we’ve had together.  he’ll take me back to bible study back in 2010 when we’d banter back and forth.  he’ll transport me to sri lanka when i made him wear a clown costume. he’ll tease me about how he saw me looking at him while he was on stage playing drums before i promptly adverted my eyes.  i love the rich and varied memories we have together. we may not have dated ever since i got back from africa, but he’s always been there and he’s often been the one i’ve looked to for support…whether it was to make a plinko board for the harvest party or to lead the preschoolers with drums or to offer to get my car in the rain or to scrap off the snow from my car. sometimes remembering helps make today even sweeter. i can’t wait to see what i’ll remember in the years to come. or i should say that i can’t wait to hear what he remembers.