five minutes tucked away on a friday to spend writing:


you’ve wrapped me up in sweet words and you surprise me with the grace you’ve poured over my heart.  there you stay by my side forgiving and letting grace and love flow from your lips.  beloved, we had such fun yesterday being us and my oh my i’m so thankful that this year i can call you mine.  you are my beloved. i made a cake just in time for you to pound it out and help me cut it and put it together. we ate frosting out of the bowl and snuck strawberries.  we ate dessert before dinner. we laughed when our surprise plans collided and goodness we eat well. dessert and then enough delicious pasta to last a whole night of secret smiles.  you show me just how hard it can be to truly show just how much i love you which turns right around at me and humbles me by forcing me to look at the ways that i show love to you and to God.  i pray, beloved, that we would learn to love each other in a way that only stirs up more love for god than each other.


6 thoughts on “beloved

  1. I love this: “dessert and then enough delicious pasta to last a whole night of secret smiles.” Made me smile… what a beautiful free-flow of words of love … visiting from FMF!

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