5 Minute Fridays!

Here we go…joining in late on the party since I am finally done with a week of class and am waiting at the airport for my flight home!  5 minutes of writing, no editing, no perfectionism…just plain fun free writing allowed on one little word.


Cherished. I can list all the things that I currently cherish, but something that I have cherished puts me smack dab in the middle of a dream daying reverie as I sit here in the airport with the sun shining down on the fresh coat of snow.  This week reminded me so much how I have cherished the friendships and people that I met in Greece.  Oh how I absolutely loved getting to spend a week with four of them and room with them while we all dove headlong into diagnosing and assessing.  God has so wonderfully blessed me with friends literally around the world and across the country.  We each came from a different part.  My little bear from Arizona who squealed and had SO much fun in the snow since she’s never seen it like this.  My North Carolinian mama acorn bear who drove us around and added all sorts of southern fun like ya’ll into my vocabulary plus she gave us all these fun nicknames.  My little hummingbird from Florida with her cute little pregnant belly.  Plus, me, the one from Minnesota who talks in her sleep and makes a nice little dinosaur squeal.  We’re all different and all from different backgrounds, but all able to relate and encourage and build each other up.  In the midst of crazy coursework, He’s blessed us with sweet time together before sending us back out.

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