Time for a little 5 minute Friday! And boy do I need a homework break so this sounds wonderful! I’m in the midst of getting ready for my second to last intensive next week and I’m over my head in diagnoses and symptoms and signs…so here goes.



Sometimes you dive into something and you have no idea what’s going to happen.  Sometimes you dive and you think wow that was awesome, I want to do it again!  Sometimes you dive, say it was awesome, and then not realize just how amazing and life changing everything really was until much later.  When I saw the word for today, all I could think of was when I went cliff diving in Greece with my amazing Greece buddies.  At the time, that was huge.  I was a chicken and we talked ourselves in circles forever until Kelsey braved it all and jumped.  I realized that day that while I can be a leader at times…sometimes I love following and having someone test the waters for me.  I love that when I am leading that God is doing that for me.  He’s going before me and behind me and making sure all is good and well and more importantly He’s walking right beside me.  I’ve got all sorts of things coming up that feel like a BIG jump and a BIG, SCARY risk to my heart.  I want to dive in fully, but all at once I want to hold back.  I want all the information first and I want to double check and cross my T’s and dot my I’s…but sometimes God just says go ahead…trust me and let go of your fears and stop being held back by them and instead live in the freedom that I give to those who know they are held secure in My hand.


4 thoughts on “Dive!

  1. What a wonderful word picture to think of God diving in ahead of us, beckoning us into the water–the water we know is safe because He went first, like your friend Kelsey! May you have the courage to follow as you dive in to the jumps and risks you mentioned. Thank you for sharing this post.

  2. Katy, stopping in from 5MF…. Loved your post, and I’m thinking some of the same thoughts about where we dive into and when and who goes with us… most importantly – that God goes before us! Thanks for sharing.

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