God-Sized Dreaming


When I saw that Holley Gerth was giving away a free ebook about God-sized dreaming, I jumped on board right away! I love Holley’s heart and well she’s just plain fun, encouraging, and she’s a counselor too so that’s pretty awesome.  But then Tuesday rolled around and I realized I still had nothing to write about.  I kept thinking about how much I love dreaming and plans and goals….but a god-sized dream? I got nothing.  In fact, I was a bit disappointed and perhaps even a little tentative to even pick one.  After watching a few dreams get slammed doors, I’ve learned that oftentimes God knows things going on behind the scenes and that my plans aren’t always the best.  I look back and can see the huge hand of protection on my life over and over.  At the time, I may have been devastated and heartbroken, but God knew.  He even had amazing blessings and favor to pour onto my life in the meantime.  Though, that doesn’t mean I stop dreaming all together! Plus, there’s a difference between dreaming on my own and dreaming with God!  Not to say that God still doesn’t walk us through disappointment along the way.  Even Job who walked with God still went through horrific tragedy.

So, god-sized dream. I don’t know what you are.  I used to think you were packaged neatly with a bow on top.  I used to itch to move overseas ASAP and thought for sure that’s what God had and He might still–the timing may just be not yet. I used to have all your details planned out.  But, right now, I’m sitting in the place of being faithful and obedient to the place I am at with an open and ready heart to follow You.  Thankfully, my story is still being written by a faithful, loving, good God.

When I saw Holley’s post about those of us who don’t know what our dreams are….well, I felt right at home.  Boil it down and simplify it and wait to see what God does.  Love god, love others.

So with a nice little prayer. Let’s go on this journey anyway and see where He leads.

A God-sized Dreamers’ Prayer

God, your thoughts are not my thoughts {Is. 55:8}.

What you have planned for me is beyond all I can ask or imagine {Eph. 3:19-20}.

Yet you have also promised to reveal it to me through your Spirit {1 Cor. 2:8-10}.

So I open my heart, mind, and life to more of you–to whatever you have for me. Where there is ongoing fear in my life, please replace it with faith. Where there is a desire to hold back, give me the strength to move forward. Where there is a desert, lead me into the Promised Land you have prepared for me.

I embrace that my part is to pray, plan, and most of all seek you. And yours is to get me where you want me to go {Prov. 16:9Prov. 19:21}. Wherever that is, that’s where I want to be too. Because there’s no better place in this world or the next than with you {Ps. 84:10}.

Your Kingdom come, your will be done, on earth {especially my little corner of it} as it is in heaven {Matt. 6:10}.

In Jesus’ Name, Amen.


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