Meal Planning

Since I’ve determined that I’ll obviously be the best, cutest, most organized, craftiest, and cooking-est wife Ryan has…slash it’s probably a good thing I’m his one and only wife =) Anyway, I dove right into meal planning in the second week of January because you know that the first week is just when resolutions that don’t stick start so I figured the second week is the way to go.  Or maybe I was just too busy being a cute wife that week.  Either way.  I’ve decided meal planning sounds fun in theory and will likely be the awesome way to go and save money, but I definitely need to work on it!

So here was my strategy for this week.

Step One: Browse my Pinterest boards and realize I mostly pin dessert…oops.

Step Two: Write down a list of my “go-to” recipes and browse Pinterest for some other new recipes while creating a new board called meal planning.

Step Three: Show the husband all the potential meal ideas and begin to drool over all the good eating while also thinking hmph cooking takes a lot of time and my goodness boys eat a lot.

Step Four: Pick out meals together to eat but leave it open as to what day we will eat them on because let’s be honest that much structure might feel like a prison to me.

Step Five: Decide to grocery shop after church in which you realize oh my goodness I have been away from home for way way way too long and let us never do this again.

Step Six: Finish shopping anyway and pack away all the delicious food.

Step Seven: Eat cereal for dinner that night…it’s not quite the meal planning week until Monday rolls around. And cereal is amazing.

Step Eight: Now we’ve passed the Biblical 7 steps so this step doesn’t really count but basically now it’s time to let the week begin and start cooking!

So, here’s what I’m making this week at some point in no particular order!

1. Black bean burgers with garlic cilantro french fries.

2. Stir Fry with Asian noodles and tons of veggies.

3. Enchiladas

4. Broccoli Cheddar Soup

5. Goat Cheese and Sun Dried Tomato Ravioli with garlic toast

6. Asparagas with cheese and smoothies.

7. Butternut squash triangoli


How about you? Do you meal plan? Favorite recipes that I absolutely must try? Tips or tricks that you’ve gathered along the way? 



2 thoughts on “Meal Planning

  1. I love this! And I agree, grocery shopping is way too overwhelming.

    I was actually JUST thinking yesterday about doing some posts on meal planning. Maybe we can both share our ideas and recipes and steal from one another 🙂

    I already planned to post about how I do meal planning, but I will tell you that I made chicken yakisoba last night and it was delicious. I put the link to the recipe on my blog today – check it out!

    • Yeah! I saw your post–looked tasty! I bet Ryan would love that it has chicken in it–I told him I’d make some once I found some good chicken to buy. And I totally like the idea of swapping meal planning ideas from one another! miss you friend and wish we could cook together!

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