5 minutes of writing on one little word.  Let’s do this.


I love opportunities.  The way they sneak around the bend and surprise you out of nowhere.  A chance to try something new.  A time to risk and jump.  Though, I also love steady and consistent.  That’s when the opportunities seem like they’re edging their way into the beautiful routine that’s already happening.  I think one of my favorite things about having a whole brand new year is that it’s a perfect opportunity for change.  I get to dream about all sorts of things that I want this next year to hold.  I get to say, “This year will be different.”  I can write down goals and be expectant for the ways that God will swing wide doors and even the ways He will guide me by slamming other doors shut.  I have to say that even though I know God has all sorts of things in store for this year of “free”….I’m still hesitant, tentative, wide eyed, and yet giddy about the God-given opportunities that will come my way.  I’m praying for the strength and bravery to say, “Yes.” even if it is said in a whisper.


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