Marriage Lesson #569

Thankfully, I lived enough life and had God throw a few lessons my way before I got married so that I already knew what a lie it is to think that marriage will be this incredibly safe and secure thing…you’ll never have to worry about your weight or what you look like or anything because well he’s already said “I do” and life will pretty much be super safe and secure.  All that to say that I knew this…and had my lesson affirmed today.  Now, don’t get me wrong. Marriage is absolutely (in my humble opinion of being married for all of…9 days! ha!) wonderful, amazing, beautiful, awesome, and such a gift.  But, the whole idea that you’re in the “safe zone.” Yeahhhhhh not so much. The night before my wedding day (which was my favorite and I’ll make sure to share photos sometime!) when I was writing this long, sappy, funny, and sentimental vow type thing to be put in our sweet wedding box, I kept coming back to this one idea.  The idea that life is much more fragile than I think.  With tragedy, loss, sickness, choices, and just plain hard things surrounding me and the people around me, I couldn’t shake the incredible honor and privilege to even spend an hour as a wife let alone days.  To take this gift for granted, to take this man for granted…would be incredibly foolish.  Yet, throw back to the idea that, my goodness, to take my life for granted or to take any moment or opportunity for granted.  Life is such a gift.  Let me not waste a second complaining or missing an opportunity to share His Love or taking an extra moment to say, “I love you.”

So, today, when in the middle of the day I got a phone call at a time that clued me into the notion that something was wrong…I got to hear oh hey I’m okay but I fell at work and I hit my head and got a cut on my head and gashed open my wrist and banged up my shoulder….am I thankful that this husband of mine is okay? Absolutely. Am I naive to think that even if I say okay don’t die on me that he won’t? Nope…I’m not in control and even though I’m usually not a fan of that…it’s okay because I know the one who has won the victory and the one who loves us dearly.  Security in a husband is fleeting.  Security in a God who is good no matter what the circumstances say is where I’d rather be.


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