Dear Africa,

Thank you for letting me come home.  You always capture my heart and win me over.  You startle me.  You shake me. You make me smile.  You catch me laughing.  You tuck me into corners where I can be quiet and process like crazy.  You let me see the stars like never before.  You open my eyes to the ways we have good intentions but end up hurting anyway.  You’ve taught me to pray that I would help more than hurt.  You’ve challenged me to think outside of my black and white boxes.  You sure love teaching me to follow and honor instead of lead and criticize.  You teach me to wait and wait and wait and wait. You’re ready to welcome me home in His timing.  You sweep me up into all kinds of wonderfulness.  You are full of joy.  You help me reclaim bits of me that I’ve lost along the way. You teach me over and over to love deep and wide and big.  You’re home. I didn’t think you would be and sometimes I wish you weren’t because you make it hard to be away.  But, in the end, you’re the place that I come back to and the place that I love.  I can’t wait until I get to put my bare feet on your soil again.