I’ve been back 2 weeks from Greece and I’m storing up all sorts of stories for you ready to spill out onto the page…until then here’s a little 5 minute friday!


Here in this moment.  Here in this place.  The song echoes through my heart and I am still.  The echoes die down until I am aware of the power of a moment.  The moment Moses chose to walk to the burning bush.  When Joseph gave his brothers a second chance.  The way Peter walked on water.  God moves gently and powerfully in these “here” moments.  He beckons us to be ever present in the here and now.  If I find myself wandering to the past or the future too much, I’m missing out on the here.  There’s so much to be had right here in front of me.  The extra hug.  The chance to say I love you.  The opportunity to love someone well even if that looks far different than what they want.  Here….today…holds a day full of moments to be captured. What are we waiting for?


Your turn! =)


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