Hey everybody! Welcome to Friday!  Time for a little write out your heart in 5 minutes with no editing, no stressing–just lots of fast typing, fun.  Today’s word prompt: Beyond

Beyond the ocean’s there are worlds to discover, sights to see, places to visit, people to meet.  Send me on a plane across the pond and I’ll jump with my feet first.  I’ll flounder around trying to get my barrings and wonder why did I come when I only have a few weeks.  My heart will want to stay forever.  Beyond the hello’s loom the good-bye’s that break my heart all over again.  I’d pack up all of my people in a neat little caravan and take them along on my journey if only that were so.  Instead, I’ll keep looking beyond the good-bye to the next hello.  Whenever that may come.  To love deeply and to experience the world and to know God, I’ve learned that I have to squish my eyes tight shut and jump into the unknown–the place beyond the comfortable and the safe.

I always want a couple more minutes but I’ll leave it at that and keep you wondering what else I would say.  Until then…your turn!

p.s. this is the picture I had in my head while I was writing…and let me tell you, it was absolutely terrifying to jump off that cliff but absolutely worth it!

4 thoughts on “Beyond

  1. I love the visual you share here about closing our eyes tightly and jumping! I am not sure I could have jumped off a cliff like that! How brave of you!

  2. I loved this and I imagine taking the plunge would make my heart stop for a few minutes… the life would flash before my eyes but exhilarating, yes, I am sure… Gorgeous picture!

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