Monday’s Musings

I only get one today. Monday July 16th, 2012.

What am I going to do about that?

I’ve been “hanging out” in Europe since June 25th and my time is coming to close.  I fly out on Thursday and to say that I am absolutely thrilled could not be any truer.  But to say I’m already feeling the bittersweet tears and heavy ache of the good-byes equally presses on my heart.  The tension and the uncomfortable feelings make me want to hide.  I don’t want to show up.  I’d rather skip the good-byes, skip the hello’s and move along to saying “I’m okay.”  But I’m not.  I’m shaken to my core and challenged in parts that I’ve long since buried.  The wakening God’s orchestrated has been beautifully messy.  I’ll unravel the shattered pieces as I can while also learning to live with them.  I’ll need to learn again to sit in the unfinished, the grey, the process.  I’ve spent a whole week hearing “trust the process.” Now, I get to do just that while I get to choose to make something good out of today.  We’ll see where that leads…

What’s your heart mulling over on this Monday?