When the moment comes, what will you do?  How will the situation play out?

Our knee jerk reactions to circumstances fascinate me.  I love watching the instantaneous, adrenaline rush actions that propel us to respond in a certain way.  I found myself there today and thought afterward of how this correlated with a post on (in)courage.  A post that challenged everyone to truly believe that we ourselves are wonderful creations…dearly loved…it’s much easier to believe it for others.  I can talk, pray, encourage, and believe all day long for someone else, but when it comes to me…I stop in my tracks.  Yet, I captured a defining moment today.  A moment happened that reminded me just how much God loves to keep us safe.

In case you didn’t know, I’m sort of in love in a big way.  His name is Boaz.  He wakes me up with kisses and greets me at the door every single time.  In fact, he barricades the door anytime I need to leave without him.  He sleeps on my head or curls up next to my feet.  He likes to be touching me all.the.time.  He makes me laugh every single day.  Plus, he goes running with me.  Oh, and he dances when I make him =)

So, yesterday, we went for a bit of a run.  He’s trotting along next to me and enjoying himself and we’re deciding where to go.  I decide to make an unusual turn in attempt to head toward a stoplight to make crossing easier.  From across the street, I see a huge boxer/pit bull something crazy big white spotted dog come barreling toward us.  Next thing I know the dog is literally on top of Boaz!  The dog moves a bit and I instantly swoop Boaz up into my arms.  Now we’re standing on the sidewalk and I’m trying to hold Boaz up high while the other dog circles us.  The dog jumps a bit to try to get Boaz and I’m like uh no way.

Now, though, I’ve decided that with the owners not in sight I have no idea what to do other than stand there holding my dog. A guy on a bicycle goes on by and I say a faint questioning “Help!?” and he stares and keeps biking… I’m like wait what? You’re going to leave the poor girl and her puppy for dog bait!?  He kind of stops across the road when finally, after more doggy dancing, the owner comes yelling down the street clearly beyond mad at the dog.  A lame attempt to yell the sit command and a chase to get the dog to come creates an exit getaway for us.  So, we leave.  Another one of the dog’s owners pitifully yells out to ask if my dog is okay and I shrug and say Yeah…more concerned at this point of getting away from the crazy dog off leash!

And so I carry Boaz for a good block or so before setting him down again when I’ve determined the dog is hopefully out of our sight. Then we go on our way to finish our run and make sure to not come back the same way!

Yet, when I got to thinking at the end of all the craziness, all I could do was a. praise God for keeping us both safe from the dog. b. think oh man I so need to keep up this training thing because I want a well-trained dog. c. think how intriguing that when it came down to it I knew that I was the one charged with keeping Boaz safe and that was that.

I kept thinking of how the dog trainer informed the class that dog’s are less stressed when they’re not the leader of the pack.  When they’re not in authority, they can relax.  They’re safe.  They know who has their back.  They know who is taking care of them.  They know the person who is the giver of all good and perfect gifts including that amazing, delicious peanut butter.

Now…if only I fully grasped that God’s not holding out on the peanut butter–He’s the giver of all good things and He’s the one sweeping me up off the ground away from all sorts of dangers that I don’t even know about…just so I can make it home so I can actually eat some delicious, oh so tasty peanut butter.

All ridiculous parallels and stories aside and long stories gone by and now you may go along your day remembering that the God of the universe who truly made you wonderfully has a GOOD plan….now that makes for a happy monday!

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