5 minutes to write! Ready set go!

I’ve come to be one of those people who equates brave with “doing it afraid” or “doing it scared.”  You shut your eyes tight and jump anyway.  Sometimes the landing is pretty and graceful while other times the landing is clumsy and awkward.  Your feet fling in the air mid jump and your eye go wide, but you’re still going.  The thrill comes after the “yes.”  After the jump has been made, then you celebrate.  You’re stepping out and trusting even while you’re head is on overdrive.  I find, for me, the peace and the rest come with the decision, the plan, the mid jump…beforehand, I’m too busy analyzing, contemplating, pondering.  Good things to do, but eventually you just have to be brave and say okay here goes nothing…God can work with my decision and goodness knows I’m trying to follow hard after Him.


psst. i love how this prompt so relates to my “jump” with my upcoming sri lanka mission trip. eep! there’s lots of “do it afraid” opportunities hidden in that opportunity. =)

2 thoughts on “brave

  1. So glad that you joined in again this week to FMF! Missed you!

    And excited for your journey…as you “do it afraid”

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