5 Minute Friday-Trust

Playing along this week with writing for 5 minutes….


I can’t seem to get away from you. You followed me around 2011 and boy did you pack a punch.  You’re ruthless and you’re hard.  You’re a constant choice.  You’re a sweet surrender. You’re the calm waters at the end of the day.  You’re the rough and tumble wrestling match.  I trust when I’m afraid. I trust when I’m walking on the water. I trust when nothing is happening. I trust when I can’t see. I trust all the time and don’t even know it.  I consciously must to choose to discern safe and unsafe.  To recognize truth from lies. Trustworthy from untrustworthy.  Levels of trust.  Yet choosing to love even even when there isn’t trust because everyone is trustworthy. Unfortunately. I wish they were. Not everyone gets to come past the fence and into the house to sit down for a cup of tea. Those who do–they’re precious beyond belief.  Yet, even those people aren’t perfect. No one is. So get up, fall forward, and keep on discerning and learning to trust all the while leaning into trusting God for all else fades away and we can count it as loss.


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