I am currently…

Listening …to Laura Cooksey’s new EP on repeat and Mandisa’s Good Morning song and Tiffany Thurston’s song Higher. Oh hey Women of Faith music love!

Watching … Downton Abbey when I have a bit of time, but I haven’t lately.

Reading … Oh my…so many books.  Just finished Telling Yourself the Truth by Backus and Chapian.  I will finish How to Help People Change by Adams tonight!  I’m working on the last few pages of Beyond Boundaries. Ready to dig into Grace for the Good Girl.  And I’ve got like 4-5 more books for school that are in the works.

Eating … hummus quesadillas, oatmeal with protein powder or PB2 mixed into it, and I just bought SO Delicious Almond Plus to try!

Drinking … hot chocolate, vanilla chai crema with soy milk, and water. i love water.

Wearing … my pjs! green capris and a tank top =)

Feeling … determined. scared. nervous. okay. ready. full.

Weather … is crazy warm for february! i am loving how it feels like spring!

Wanting … a ticket to africa. a personal trainer. a personal hair stylist. and a few other things =)

Needing … to stop the battle going on in my head.

Thinking … only 20 pages to go on my book! (I’ve been filling this out on my 5 minute breaks…trying out the pomodoro technique!)  And thinking about grace and about how to stop lies/misbeliefs and about counseling and how much I love my puppy and how I am ready for Friday!

Enjoying … my puppy! He’s adorable and he legit makes me smile and laugh every single day, which is definitely more of what I need in my life and is helping me live out this little one word for the year (celebrate).  Plus, he’s smart and he loves walks and loves to snuggle and is soft and wrinkly and can’t get enough of me.  Other than him, I’m enjoying….aforementioned music above! I totally am enjoying my classes–learning so much!  I’m loving my apartment! Enjoying the nice weather. Really, it’s that lovely, oh hey reframe your thinking, get your head onto all these blessings, and it’s beautiful rather than the merry go round that sometimes goes on in my head.

What about you? What are you currently up to?

found this lovely prompt via Lindsey who snagged it from Sarah.


2 thoughts on “I am currently…

  1. Boaz is adorable! And hummus quesadillas sound good – do you add cheese to them? I can get hummus down here in Guatemala so those might need to make our dinner menu sometime.

    Thanks for the fun idea – I did it too 🙂

    • I must say I agree he is adorable, but he’s already getting bigger! Eek! And yes, you can do either or with the quesadillas! Then you don’t have to add as much cheese which makes them healthier too! That’s exciting you can get hummus there–you should totally try them! I love them with Trader Joe’s cilantro jalapeño hummus–which I bet you could make from normal hummus too if you wanted =)

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