Five Minute Friday

Throw off the need to be perfect.  Pull up a chair.  Take just 5 minutes to write out your thoughts, your heart, and whatever you like.  That’s the heart behind this little time set aside on Fridays.  To write and write and be free in your writing.  With a nice little prompt for some guidance.  Here goes!


At first glance, you’re one of those words I deem as awkward and unusable.  Yet, I’ll give you a chance today.  When I look beyond the surface, I see that you mean soft, gentle, showing concern or sympathy, to offer or present something formally affectionate, loving, mild, delicate.   You don’t sound quite so sticky in my mouth when coupled with those other words.  In fact, you remind me of the tender mercies that are new every morning.  Each morning, I get to open my eyes and start anew.  Or more accurately I get tousled and nudged awake by a little pup ready to play.  He’s tender.  He’s soft and cuddly.  He embodies both tenderness and fierceness.  A fierce loyalty–probably too much considering how he wants to be near me all.the.time. (i love that…)  That’s the beautiful thing about adjectives.  They can exist side by side without edging one or the other out.  They complement and show fully a complex and complicated person.  We don’t have to choose to be either or, but can be both.  There’s such sweet freedom to be found in the ability to just be yourself.  To celebrate who you are and not make excuses or talk down.  Instead to embrace all that He’s made you.

Your turn!  This was a hard one for me and the words didn’t flow…maybe it struck you in an easier way? 


3 thoughts on “Five Minute Friday

  1. Tender is a little bit of an awkward and unusable word at first, you are so right. But I really like the direction you took with this post!

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