I love this ring.  I’d never pegged myself as a “big ring” girl until I saw this one.  The zebra print, the stretchy band, sparkles…I pondered for a bit and then just had to have it.  Walked out of the store wearing it on my pretty little left hand. A happy little reminder to go with my tattoo–a “Oh hey, love, I see you” from God.

Thus, in an effort to keep the ring pretty and clean, I took it off once before washing my hands at Barnes and Nobles.  Set it on the counter. Promptly dried my hands and walked out.

Without the ring.

When I felt my hand go to play with the ring because let’s be honest I’m always finding a necklace, earring, or ring to occupy my hands with…well, the ring came up painfully absent.

I rushed back to the bathroom to search the counter in vain.  I even peaked at the top of the trash can.

Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

Except I’d been playing this little song all day and it was stuck in my head!

(If you haven’t had a chance to listen to the songs from The Story then go right now and do so! They’re all fabulous…I am partial toward Job, Joseph, Esther, Ruth & Naomi, and Mary Magdalene)

Back to the story…normally, I’d figure that the ring was lost and I might as well beat myself up over losing it and be sad, let it go, and move on…but then I felt that nudge and reminder that “You gotta ask if you want an answer.”

So, I did.  I determined that I would ask.  I’d go to the help center and ask.  I awkwardly explained how I left my zebra print ring in the restroom to, of course, the male worker and waited for a response.  He said he would check so he picked up the phone, but then must have seen it tucked away.  He picked it up and handed it over. I profusely thanked him and walked off.

I slipped it back on my finger and breathed a huge breath of love.

Since one of my top love languages is gifts, this was completely a gift that flooded my heart with God’s love.  A tangible gift slipped onto my hand from the One my heart loves.  A reminder that even when all I feel is alone that I’m not.  He’s slipped the ring on my finger and I’m chosen. Delighted in and loved fiercely.

Regardless of circumstances and even in the areas where I doubt, His love knows no bounds.  Even where we can’t see Him, He’s there.  So, look for Him even in the little nudges just for you and trust Him even if you don’t get the circumstances you want…something better is coming along and He’s the ultimate gift.


One thought on “Ask

  1. That’s a crazy story! I wonder how often I miss out on stuff in stores because I don’t want to ask. But like you said, if I want an answer, I’m going to have to start asking.

    Great post!

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