One Word 2012

Ever since I’ve had this little blog I’ve had a theme or word that captured the year.  I started out with 2008 Let’s be friends.  2009 ushered in Let’s go on an adventure. 2010 set out to be a Journey with Joy. 2011 was simple and short: Trust.  And without further ado, I introduce 2012.

Hello 2012. Time to Celebrate. 

Ecclesiastes reminds us there are seasons and times for many things.  A time to weep.  A time to mourn.  But there are also times to dance and times to laugh!  I’m declaring 2012 as a Time to Celebrate.  Let’s get out the cake, invite the guests, light the candles, and learn how to enjoy life.  You only get one today. I want to celebrate and live my life.

And there you have it, friends.  My 2012 word is Celebrate.  God tucked this one away and challenged me with it even with a little preparation of declaring Birthday Month.  I’m holding my breath, but mostly holding His hand because you just never know where He’s going to take you.

I’d love to hear if you chose a word for the year or any resolutions or anything of the like in the comments below!

p.s. because I’m a list maker and check list type girl here’s my breakdown of the practical “how” in big picture style of my one word–though i will say that I’m working on a detailed, specific list to go under these it’s just not revealed yet!

I will celebrate by embracing where God has placed me.

            -I will make a home for myself.

            -I will find something/someone to celebrate each day.

            -I will be faithful to the positions God’s placed me.

I will celebrate by engaging and utilizing the opportunities before me.

            -I will be drawn by God rather than driven by myself.

            -I will continue to build my solid foundation.

            -I will anticipate and experience God’s open doors and blessings.

I will celebrate by enjoying life.

            -I will run a race with World Vision.

            -I will buy a dog.

            -I will go overseas. 


14 thoughts on “One Word 2012

  1. I love your Word. God has given us a full live, and much to celebrate. And yes, you should buy a dog!

    My One Word for 2012 is “Pursue” – pursue Him wholeheartedly, pursue others intentionally and pursue health purposefully!

    Happy New Year, and I love the new blog look!

    • My puppy is coming home the 20th!! I wrote the list weeks ago and hadn’t decided, but I am SO incredibly excited.

      I’m excited to journey with you this year and see how our words play out!

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