Birthday Month

Dear Birthday Month,

You’ve been fabulous. From the fun little things to the things that made my heart burst, I worked hard (even amidst my roller coaster moments) to let you live up to your name.  I crossed so many things off the list and added a few as days rolled by fast.  I left quite a few fun things undone, but that just means 2012 gets its own set of happy.  Speaking of, I will say that you’re a fabulous prelude to my 2012 One Word that will be revealed tomorrow!  So, thank you for turning something I dreaded into a little bit of happy.



Completed Birthday Month List

12/1 Eat at a place like Yogurt land and buy cheap Vibrams!

12/2 Buy a giraffe pillow pet.

12/3 Try out the newspaper nails.

12/4 Eat mint oreos, blow bubbles for fun, and enjoy the Christmas program

12/5 Drive and take a picture at sunset.

12/6 Hang up Christmas lights.

12/7 Drink a soy mint white hot chocolate and eat a vanilla bean cupcake!

12/8 Get the Jesus Culture CD–thank you Lauren! Make paper snowflakes.

12/9 Eat cheesy bread with garlic dipping sauce–Oh SO delicious. Take a drive with Hoosier.

12/10 Make painted mugs.

12/11 Take Hoosier on a walk.

12/12 Enjoy Mint Chocolate Cookie Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. Spend time coloring with crayons.

12/13 Take extra time to enjoy a good book.

12/14 Bake something new: sweet potato fries!

12/15 Makeover the blog–so pretty and whimsical.

12/16 Take time to dream and set goals. Browse stores for fun.

12/17 Drink Starbucks

12/18 Take a LONG nap.

12/19 Star gazing and the tea cup exchange.

12/20 Get a new journal–Oh, Rhonda! You make me laugh.

12/21 Make something with maps–the Where You Go verse present for Carrie! Splurge on a mirror for my new place.

12/22 See Carrie! Buy a book you really want and buy a journal (this one says: Love Your Life)

12/23 Drive and take pictures at sunrise–on the way to see the puppies!

12/24 Write a card

12/25 See Ally!!

12/26 Eat Christmas cookies.

12/27 Play broomball and send a deposit for a puppy!

12/28 Read for hours.

12/29 Send a thank-you.

12/30 Skype with June and Mod Podge fun!

12/31 Moving day!