5 minutes to write. 5 minutes of unedited, fun.


My eyes dance and circle the room waiting to see what will come through the door next.  Who will open the door?  Or better yet what will I find when I open the door.  With my heart open and shouting with joy, I’m beyond ready to swing wide the double doors to step into all that 2012 holds.  2011, I’m sorry, but I’m ready for this next right step.  I’ve trudged through trust and wrestled my way through the process.  I’m ready to open up a new word and embrace it for all that it brings.  I’m thankful for all that’s blossomed out of a year of trust and see already how trust interweaves right into the next little lovely word that God’s dropped into my lap.  Open hands.  Holding dreams loosely because God knows the ones He wants me to hold.  Open heart with lips poised to spill out the words I’ve skirted around.  Sometimes you just have to jump into the open water.

Your turn! I’d love to read what you come up with about the little prompt of “Open.”  And before you click away, I’d love to hear your favorite part of 2011 or maybe you had something you learned from your own one word for the year if you joined in on that fun.  =)