Connected-Five Minute Friday

Friday oh how you make me so very happy.  A short work morning and now a day to play catch up and really just enjoy whatever I decide to put on my to do list.  But before I jump into all that jazz, let’s spend 5 minutes of writing.  No editing after the timer goes off, just a little bit of writing time.


We each have a story.  A big book full of chapters that speak of scenes and moments that connect.  Sometimes you’ll open up to a section and find love while other times you’ll see heartache.  We’re all walking around with these books of our lives.  The ones that tell of our triumphs and our disappointments.  They speak to the places our heart’s desire and to the places we miss.  Yet, sometimes I wonder if we forget the way each of us carries these stories in us.  If you start talking about giraffes, you’ll find me smiling and hurting all at once, but you might not know why.  You may not know why my eyes go big when you say something or why my instinct is to run and hide.  You may not know why it means so much that you sent me words or a gift.  Mostly because you haven’t read all the chapters of my story.  The telling and sharing of stories and life comes with increments as trust builds.  It’s a beautiful, crazy scary, vulnerable thing to know and be known.


Your turn! I’d love to read what you wrote about “connected” =) 

8 thoughts on “Connected-Five Minute Friday

  1. Oh…I love this! I could picture a book with moments jumping off of the pages and how different things affect us all, affecting our personal story. And how learning each other’s story in the whole, as much as possible, makes us more and more connected all the time.

    Beautiful girl, you are….

    P.S. Love the new background…pretty and whimsical

  2. Ooh, I very much agree with this: “It’s a beautiful, crazy scary, vulnerable thing to know and be known.” I’ve struggled with that before. Thank you for these thoughts.

  3. Beautiful KATY, you are so right it is an amazing thing to be known! Happy Christmas to you. I love the idea of our lives as a book, with chapters and stories, I often think of this.

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