What are you reading?

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I have a great love for giraffes and for books so this fits just perfectly!

I’ve got quite a stack of books on my desk right now….which will be great because as of yesterday, I finished all the work for my classes for this term! So hello time to read!

God Never Blinks by Regina Brett (seriously absolutely in love with this book)

Inside Out by Larry Crabb (just starting this one)

Drawing Near by John Bevere (I promise…some day I will finish this book)

Azusa Street: They Told Me Their Stories by Tommy Welchel (Intrigued to read this one!)

{w}hole by Lisa Whittle (working my way through this one)

Healing is a Choice by Stephen Arterburn (got this one for free and am excited to see his take)

Enjoy the Silence by Maggie and Duffy Robbins (this looks great! thank you christy for sending it!)

Your turn! Tell me what’s on your reading list or what you’re reading currently.