Sunday on Monday

I’m sitting up on a Sunday night ready to jump into bed and calm down this mind of mine that loves to run rampant at all hours of the day.  Each day so much happens to bottle up and store up in my heart that I’m often left grabbing at pieces as they flitter away on the wind, so instead of gathering them all I’m going to write them out and maybe you’ll enjoy a few of the pearls I’ve picked up today too.

1. Declaring December to be “Birthday Month” has seriously been one of the best things I could ever have done.  While I’m still playing hide and seek with my actual birthday, the rest has been fabulous.  I’ve loved seeking out little things to enjoy and embrace about all the ways I can not only accept this season, but really try to see it as a “for such a time as this” type.  What that looked like today: taking my dog on a walk and laughing as I found myself scooping him up and showing me that even though he still breaks into the fridge (literally.) that he is really 16 years old.

2. Christine Caine brought a word at Oasis LA that rocked my head and heart.  She ended it off with a challenge to say: “i’m going to lean in, rely on, and trust on God.”  Oh hey there One Word 2011.  Trust sure has been a journey this year…more to come on that later when I do my wrap-up post.

3. And because I said I loved Christine Caine…here’s the other part of her message that struck me hard! “Jesus is with you when you’re disappointed…sometimes your face is just downcast. look up!! Remember the disciples on the road after Jesus had been crucified?  Jesus was on the road with them, but they didn’t know because they were downcast! Uh, can we get a whoa!? And here’s a little ending thought…how you learn to manage your disappointments in your life will determine your destiny.  I could go on and on, but all that to say that I needed the little exhale reminder of that this is that season where you’re stuck on the backside of the mountain where you’re healing and learning…so embrace it.

4. Kids are fabulous. They teach me so much.

5. Glitter glue takes a long time to dry…

6. Just listening and being empathetic is power.  Not to mention words of encouragement that show you where you are and that you are doing things and that you don’t have to “do” more to be loved….sometimes I get blinded to the obvious….plus, those are the kinds of words that hit home and that I often stare at and be like um oh hey you’re speaking my love language and I don’t always know how to respond or receive. Learning process in trusting.

7. One step forward. Two steps back. Even when life feels like this, keep moving.

8. I love the community of Cross Point online and the Q & A at the end.  Does my heart good.

9. Oh the Amazing Race….you show so much about communication, finishing well, relationships, life, and so much not to mention all sorts of traveling.  I’m just a bit sad you’re over.

10. God puts me flat on my face saying You are God. I am not. You’re in control. I’m not. I’m choosing to trust You.