5 minutes! Writing out your heart with no editing…sometimes you’ll start going one way and end up another.  Either way, let’s take 5 and enjoy writing about….


While I’m in the process of dreaming up a blog make-over, I must say that I do love how my current blog design so speaks to my heart and view on color.  The more color, the better.  I know often people view life as a tapestry where the backside is messy and looks tangled only to find the other side brilliantly redeemed, but I’m a bit partial to the canvas idea.  The painting and the mixing of colors to blossom into something extraordinary.  Probably because I couldn’t make a tapestry if I wanted…though, there in lies the reminder too that I’m not God thank goodness because He can make something beautiful!  Yet, beautiful comes in its time.  Ecclessiastes seems to be the book that my comments refer back to lately and that quote always struck me.  There is a time for things to be beautiful.  To burst forth with vibrant colors ready to enfold you in love.  While you wait, you still get to paint the every day moments and choose to make them beautiful.  I’m learning to be intentional about finding the beauty and in celebrating the moments.  Even if it means declaring a Birthday month.

oh and before you click away….tell me…what’s your favorite color?

*header quote on my blog:

Life is not a color within the lines project; Life is a work of art. You have to keep mixing the colors, creating new blends, and seeing things in fresh ways. You must be willing to get paint all over you. Remember, God will make your deserts like Eden because He delights in you.