5 minutes of writing…I’ll admit this one stumped me for quite a bit and I did one but then wanted to write again because well that’s how I roll.  So, without further adieu, here’s 5 minutes on….


There’s a kind of tired I hate and a kind of tired I love.

I hate the tired that runs you to the ground.  The kind that tears at your heart telling you that you’ll never do enough, be enough.  That kind of tired that pushes you to keep doing, keep going, keep trying.  There’s no peace in that kind of tired.  There’s no joy.  That’s the one that nags relentlessly.  I’ll pass on that kind of tired.

But, now, this other kind of tired…I love.  The kind of tired where you fall into your bed and exhale a deep breath.  The covers overwhelm you and you’re snuggled in tight.  Your heart stretches to the seams from being filled so deeply.  You’ve spent yourself.  A day full of being in your element.  A day full of using your strengths.  A day full of seeing God.

Right, now, somehow, I’m desperately learning to lean into the second kind of tired.  Two steps forward, one step back.