Hello December

You’re beautiful already.

I daresay I may be holding out a little bit of hope for you.

When you’ve been wrestling hope for so long, the teasing glances it brings make you want to run for the hills.

Yet, somewhere deep beneath the rubble I just know there must be some speck of yellow, some dash of hope.

Because y’all, I want an answer to this question:

What are your hopes for Christmas?

I think therein lies something beautiful unfolding.

With the unveiling of a birthday month list and baby steps in heart wrenching areas, I think just maybe I’ll find a thread of hope.

My answer remains a work in progress. An unraveling of sorts to in a sense re-capture hope. To reclaim the vision of a hope-filled, good future. That’s where I’m headed.

Here’s the start of the journey of this birthday month….


oh how i love finding out that a new yogurt land like store has opened up nearby!

birthday list number 18 eat at a yogurt land like place


unexpected birthday month happiness of cute, cheap vibrams. i’ve always wanted to try them out!


in preparation for birthday list number 43