Birthday Month!

I have been dreading my birthday. Literally dreading it.  I kept trying to figure out ways to skip it, pretend it isn’t there, erase it.  I plotted ways I could do this by removing it from facebook so that less people would know…tried to think about how to remove it from the Church directory but….uh that one is trickier since people have those printed copies so maybe I’d go around and cut it out? HA! But, no…all my plotting left me accepting that someone would be bound to remember and that denial doesn’t really work all that well.

In response, I concocted a plan.  Do the opposite.  If I’m dreading my birthday, figure out a way to embrace it.  Find a positive reaction to all the triggers that make you want to cry and hide from your birthday.  Thus, the creation of my Birthday Month list.  A list of ideas for fun, to create moments, to do those things I’ve been meaning to get around to but just haven’t.  A list full of things that I find happy, beautiful, lovely, and fun.  Everyday things to out of the ordinary.  Things like buying a book I really want to making a snow globe to sending a package to buying someone’s meal to taking pictures at sunset.  I’m still working on the list–up to number 42 so far!  I’m definitely open to suggestions and ideas!  I want to “check off” at least one thing per day.  (I’m an achiever…this makes us happy to check things off!)

So, December, watch out.  You’ve been declared Birthday Month.

what would you put on your list? also, i’d love to hear any ideas for my list that you have in the comments below! or maybe you want to be included and help me check off one of the items…i’d love the company! only requirements are that the items suggested are happy.  i need some more happy in my life. 

7 thoughts on “Birthday Month!

    • HA! oh man. that would totally put me out of my comfort zone, which would probably be just the thing that goes with this whole birthday month idea! bam. let’s do it or something like it or at least laugh about it =)

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