here we are again. another week slipping by and the days passing much faster than i’d like. i’m writing. but not in this space and it’s oddly freeing. so in the meantime, i’ll be here every once in a while. we’ll see =) and today since it’s friday and friday’s are oh so lovely here’s a little bit of writing done in 5 minutes on…..


take me there to the place where the dirt crunches between my toes. you’ll find me there with my bare feet  soaking up every inch of sun trying to capture the moment before the clouds shift. i’m digging. you might think that i’ve been digging long enough to make my way to africa and back, but truth is…i don’t know how long this season of digging will take.  the ground needs to be turned and uprooted. the weeds need to be plucked. over and over. they try to strangle my battle weary heart, but i keep reaching for the clippers. every once in a while a friend will come along to speak a word of love or shower me with a gift. maybe a hat to keep my eyes from squinting or a pair of gloves to protect me from the thorns.  then they wander back to their own patch of dirt to continue the work.  this hard business of helping things grow.  the birds swoop down stealing away seeds. the rains drown out the land. the sun scorches the earth. all odds scream against the growth, but somewhere in there something is working. even if the seed takes years upon years to even sprout, the hard work of growing continues. while nothing appears to be happening on the outside, just wait, you’ll see. trust the process.


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