I’ve been on this weird little non-blogging type thing and so this is the first time I’ve opened this screen since last week but I figure well let’s see what happens when we’ve got 5 minutes unedited writing. so maybe…I decided to extend the timer and give it a take 2 because my first felt not right….so sometimes unexpected things happen and you delete the first and try again! here’s my second time on it =)


Unexpected gifts and notes are my favorite.  Unexpected anything good really is quite lovely.  I say this from the stance that I’m rarely surprised.  I find looking back that few things are unexpected for me.  I’m the girl who pretty much knows the present before I open it.  The one who figures out the surprise or the plan beforehand.  Though, for some things, I’ve most certainly ignored, denied, and even plain fought against the discernment welling up inside me.  Sometimes I fight too hard against the way I know things will go just in case there’s a chance for an unexpected moment.  From the hard question that I already knew the answer to and yet had no logical or rational reason to ask to the phone call in the middle of the night wrenching more dreams out of my hands, they each wrecked my heart even still, but they weren’t unexpected.  This expectedness–I’m trying to embrace it rather than run from it.  I’m trying desperately to learn to trust the Shepherd’s voice I hear even if it’s letting me know something I may not like.  I may not like that to get to Boaz you’ve got to leave everything familiar and do the hard work in the field for months.  I may not like being told to go through the desert the long way. Sometimes I need to let go of the unexpected to embrace the truth of the expected.  And well nothing’s unexpected for God.  He doesn’t blink.


10 thoughts on “unexpected

  1. ‘Nothing’s unexpected to God.’ True, although sometimes even that’s not easy to hear. Because that means God knows about the hard stuff and still allows it. For His purpose, of course, but…it still comes our way. His will isn’t always the rose-covered paths, right? Love your post.

  2. i was struck by what you said about going through the desert and i know you know this, but i just want to remind you…

    going through the desert is The Only Worth-It Way. there aren’t shortcuts, you just have to go through.

    and then one day…you’ll find that you did and you have and you somehow ended up on the other side.

    this time is not wasted. keep pressing on, precious friend. you know it is and will be worth it. it’s the only way that sets any of us free, truly. god will use your desert in someone else’s life (probably many).

    love you.

    • such a good point and reminder for me!!! thank you! i have a love/hate relationship with how when God led them to the desert it wasn’t to get to the promised land…He just led them there to be with Him. He led them the “long” way because He knew that was better for them. and it’s like you said…it’s the way to go, the way that’s worth it. and as my lovely counselor says that when we do get to look back and let god use our deserts then we’ll see the desert as an honor.

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