Women of Faith

You know something is good when you’re still processing a few weeks later.  So, finally. Here are my take-aways slash bullet points that hit my heart from Women of Faith: Imagine.

Henry Cloud

  • I could listen to Henry Cloud all day. Such good insight.
  • God made us able to imagine things that don’t exist YET.
  • We’re designed and created for happiness. Are you even on a road that leads to happiness?
  • Only 10% of happiness comes from a change in circumstances.
  • Happy people are givers—BUT there are some of you who have been giving and giving and you’re held captive by controlling people and you’re being stolen from these people who aren’t facing their issues.
  • Monkeys may be few and far between but they’re so valuable.
  • Absolutely you can have hope for the future.
  • To get to the promised land there is a death that has to happen before the resurrection. We have to be willing to die to some things to get to the next season.
Sheila Walsh
  • love her. so thankful I got to hear her speak again
  • We have to learn to hold these two in our hands at once: God is absolutely sovereign and God is all loving.
  • God fiercely loves each one of us.
  • God has seen your movie and loves you anyway.
  • Jesus wants to give us a bigger miracle than what we’re asking for now.
  • Have you ever told Him your whole story?
  • The depth to which you’re willing to be honest is the depth that you trust
  • We were never meant to weep alone. Tears in a bottle don’t evaporate and tears show up on our faces for a reason…to be seen.
  • Aslan is a beautiful portrayal of how we can beat our fists into Him until we collapse and bury our faces in His mane.
  • The Shepherd knows where to find you.
  • It’s okay not being okay. Sometimes we rush to being okay.
Lisa Harper
  • My husband is lost and won’t stop to ask for directions.–on being single =)
  • My heart was a colander.
  • No matter what your head tells you, your heart keeps hoping…
Nicole Johnson
  • Coffee is broken into pieces and the richness is released when it’s broken…
  • Hope that in the crushing we see the value in what God is doing.
  • I was loved until I believed differently.
  • God takes even the pieces we try to throw away to make something beautiful.
Angie Smith
  • Keep walking on the water out toward Him.
  • We’ll never understand…He gives, He takes away…
  • To call Him Kyrios–the Divine Son of God, the one to whom I belong
Luci Swindoll
  • Live every moment fully
  • All things to enjoy…not to achieve, accumulate or do.
  • It’s very important to learn how to live and enjoy
  • The enemy has to leave at the sound of Your great name.
  • He’s not mad at you, He’s not disappointed.
  • Never gonna wave my flag.
  • i will sing of your love in the morning and your faithfulness at night.
  • give me eyes to see more of who You are. may what i behold still my anxious heart..spend my life to know & i’m far from close to all You are
  • give me grace to see beyond this moment here. to believe that there’s nothing left to fear.
  • There is something so beautiful about watching a team/staff interact and love on each other.
  • Hang on because love wins.
  • Natalie grants song held makes me teary eyed every.single.time
  • Some people just exude Christ and its so beautiful….love when you can see something so compelling in them that it spurs you to want more
  • Quitting is not an option.
  • food in the cities is delicious.
  • i love just being…
  • i came home with this little cutie
  • diversity is everywhere. clothing styles. body shapes. personality. communication styles. everything.
  • totally thankful for free tickets on the floor because they were amazing!! mostly because i love the behind-the-scenes watching. i love watching a team interact. the worship team. the speakers. seeing them love on each other and encourage each other and be silly and really just do life together…there’s something so powerful when you see a team on the front lines of leadership live it out and handle the place where god has placed them.
  • in the midst of people watching…i saw someone so captivating that my head started turning and all i could think was there’s something so beautiful there. something so unassuming, not flashy, not perfect, but confident and loved. doing what she was supposed to be doing. you could just tell she believed and rested in His love and really saw people even in her place.


9 thoughts on “Women of Faith

  1. Sounds awesome! I went to WOF Over The Top in August, so I didn’t hear any of these speakers. My favorite is God has seen your movie and loves you anyway. So thankful for that!

    • oh fun! i know i was kind of bummed that i didn’t hear the ones at WOF over the top too–having both would have been great, but i was quite happy to have henry cloud and really just thankful to hear them all. did you enjoy the speakers you had?
      the movie one still gets me–i was reading in John 4 this morning and it was like…wow, Jesus had seen that woman’s movie and He so loved her in that moment and she totally got it that He had seen her movie which I think makes it all the more powerful.

  2. {Happy people are givers—BUT there are some of you who have been giving and giving and you’re held captive by controlling people and you’re being stolen from these people who aren’t facing their issues.}

    i needed to be reminded of this today. thank you.

    (that song by natalie grant makes me cry, too!)

    so glad you got to go, and that you took so much away from it. thank you for sharing it!


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