friday! 5 minutes of writing, no editing, just write.

and write on….relevant

relevant. a conference i’m not at though i would have loved to be at with the ladies who are soaking it up.

relevant. found in the dictionary meaning: having significant and demonstrable bearing on the matter at hand. affording evidence tending to prove or disprove the matter at issue or under discussion.

relevant. sometimes things are relevant in the forefront of my mind that i don’t want to be. the hurt and the missing that i’d rather shove under the bed to deal with another day. that’s relevant because of the way it’s interacting with the issues at hand. what matters to you, matters, even if you don’t want it to matter. if you’re thirsty, you are thirsty. it just is.  get up. deal with it. lay it at the cross. pour out your heart to Him. and see what He’ll do.

we’re longing for significance and recognition. being seen and heard and valued is so powerful in this life. so relevant no matter the day or time.

seeing God as faithful. that’s relevant. that’s significant. that’s perspective changing. that’s adding a twist on all those things you’re waiting on…

time’s up.

guess taking time to look up a dictionary definition in a post takes up a few minutes 🙂

your turn!


10 thoughts on “relevant

  1. “Seeing God as faithful. That’s relevant.”

    Oh, and how! Because how could we live, I mean truly live, without knowing He is planning, working on our behalf to make beauty out of all of THIS!

    love you sweets!

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