5 days

5 days left of this posting on Faithfulness every day.  I feel as though my words have run dry yet I see the word everywhere.literally.everywhere.  The ways the word leads back unto understanding that He is everything follows in line with all the words I seem to pick.  When I chose Joy, I ended the year realizing that true, honest, deep joy comes from Him alone.  The rest fades away.  With trust, while we still have a few months left, I find that He’s the only fully trustworthy one.  I’ll find my “monkeys” as Henry Cloud so cleverly reminded me and oh how I am ever so thankful for them, but we’re all still people.  And so, with faithfulness, I shouldn’t be all that surprised that He is ever faithful.  He is working all things out for good for the purpose that I should become more like Him.  I sit and think of the stories of faithfulness working in my life and I call them to mind when everything around me seems confusion and chaos.  Throwing a stone, making a place to remember brings me back to the ever constant faithfulness filling me up.  I rattle off the list and think see girl, you can rest easy.  You’ve seen Him be faithful before so just give it that pesky little word time.  

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