feel better banana bread

—taking a little detour from talking about being a daughter because a fun little post went up over at Peas in a Blog today about feel better banana bread (and it talks about Ally who is oh so lovely in modeling the banana bread below). Plus, it includes a vlog!!

And to tie it into faithfulness for this 31 days-jazz….I like to think that faithful friends are the ones who eat lots of food with you, just sit and cry with you without having to say anything, listen to you, encourage you, spend time with you, check in just to see how you are, stick with you through the hard (even those pmsy crazy days), and well there’s so much more to being loyal and faithful, to being for someone, but that’s a start for now…maybe more later =)

what does being a faithful friend look like to you?

Feel Better Banana Bread.


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