baby girl

baby girl,

when you’re little

you rely on someone bigger


now sometimes these big people don’t get it right

and that hurts

and is heartbreaking

but sometimes there are glimpses of love this side of heaven

glimpses of how God loves us

and baby girl,

He hangs around just to see you smile

He holds you close when you cry

He swoops you up into His arms when you try to run into the busy street

He watches over you all.the.time.

He sings over you while you sleep

He feeds you

He loves you no.matter.what.

*this is the kind of daughter that is hardest for me to get…the daughter that doesn’t have to do anything to be part of the family, the daughter who gets to just BE, the daughter who is delighted in and loved for who she is, the daughter He wants to hang out with not out of obligation or love but because He *likes* her, the daughter who can share secrets, the daughter who is seen, a daughter who is fully taken care of and who gets to walk with Father.

**Check back tomorrow for another post about “Daughters” and God’s faithfulness. But first…tell me…how do you see God as Father?



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