quiet yet full of words

Faithful and loyal both suggest undeviating attachment”

and in learning to be faithful, you learn to keep coming. keep getting close. keep wrestling. keep asking all the questions and searching hard after truth. truth about who God is and what He’s like because at the end of the day when you want to be a faithful bride of Christ…you’ve gotta keep going to Him even if it’s sitting in His lap with all sorts of frustrated questions. He’s faithful to come seeking and pursuing after you, his beloved.  He left the 99 for the 1. 

i just read about the 5 foot suggestion for marriages and well i’m sure it’s with other relationships too. either way. the idea is that when you start having questions, being defensive, upset, hurt….typically, you move away and create distance, which makes things worse. so the idea is that you move 5 feet closer. get close. get a better view of Him. get so close that everything else fades away. 

and when little girls who know how to be daughters get hurt…they go running to Daddy. He’s the protector and the one who heals broken hearts and broken bones.  in an ideal world all little girls would know how to be little girls. they’d trust Him and they’d speak of his/His unending faithfulness. 

and part of learning about His faithfulness means learning how to be a daughter.

{more on being a daughter. next week. a full week of what it means to be a daughter. i’m committing to this…so then i’ll have to hold myself to it!}

so, in prep…tell me, please…

how do you act as a daughter/son of god?

how does it change your relationship with god?

does it change your view of faithfulness?

other thoughts?


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