Faithful to Provide

And my God will liberally supply (fill to the full) your every need according to His riches in glory in Christ Jesus. -Philippians 4:19

When the Israelites set out into the desert, they didn’t know how God would meet their needs.  Ruth and Naomi struck off toward their new home without a blueprint of how God would provide.  Joseph most certainly would not have predicted that to reach his dreams he would end up sold into slavery and in jail.  David spent months in a cave.  The common thread through so many stories in the Bible shows that circumstances often can lead us to ask, “God, how are you going to work this all out? Where are you in this?”

But God is faithful.  He is faithful to provide. He is reliable. He is trustworthy.  Though things may not make sense until we have our Joseph moment where we can look back and say God did this for our good.  We keep stepping forward to see Him move and leaping even when everything seems bleak.

Hagar intimately knew God as the God who Sees after she had a God-encounter.

Today, I want to share one of my own God-encounters that helped me see God’s faithfulness.

Growing up I didn’t get the Dave Ramsey here’s how Christians should view money talk or even the here’s why we tithe.  My view on money was pretty distorted.  I got the it doesn’t matter how many loans you have as long as you go to the best possible college because you’ll pay them off with your high paying job later.

So not having any godly counsel in my life and not really even knowing who God was at that time. I went merrily on my way and graduated college with quite a few loans.

And up until my last semester I figured my plan was going along smoothly.  But then circumstances changed and I found myself not going to law school.  But God provided a job, a chance to be on a church plant’s core leadership team, and a chance to go to seminary.  Here’s where I first started to hear godly counsel about tithing and money.

So all seemed well. I could pay off my loans and save and tithe.

But then God threw another wrench in my plans and I ended up in Africa.

Being a missionary isn’t quite that high paying job that would pay off college loans…

The amazing “here’s what God did” part comes in that I continued to pay those loans off from the money I saved from my job before going to Africa.   God provided more than enough support so that I could use my savings for the loans and use my supporter’s money for the ministry expenses.  Being responsible for my part and trusting all the same.

Though, I had another “God how’s this going to work” moment when I came back to the States thinking I’d be heading back to Africa within the year (I’m still here….) and I came back with no job, no church, and not a clue how God would provide.

Within that first month, God provided jobs, a church, and an opportunity to both tithe and pay off my loans.  So over the last almost two years I’ve not only been able to continue to tithe faithfully, but I’ve been able to give to missions in Africa even though I’m not there now.

God doesn’t leave us hanging, but He sets us up for good.  As we’re faithful to what He’s given us, He provides abundantly. Even in that, God surprised me and provided more than enough so that I could pay off all my college loans far before I even thought.

So, I just wanted to encourage you to keep being obedient to what and where God’s called you and to trust Him to be faithful to provide and to be like the widow who gave generously and cheerfully.

God is faithful.

Do you have a story of God’s faithfulness to provide? 


One thought on “Faithful to Provide

  1. I love that!

    After months of searching for airline tickets, I thought we were doomed to pay a lot more than we had. I had resigned myself to credit card debit for a few months. But God just provided tickets at a price BETTER than I was willing to pay – Praise Him!

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