“…consider my son, who is a high-school football player.  He used to be a quiet and studious child. Then something happened.  In his mind, he became a jock. Unfortunately, his body strength didn’t match his mental image, so he began lifting weights to build muscle mass. Weightlifting strained his muscles, leading the muscles to produce protein transmitters that told muscle receptors that he was breaking down muscle.   The receptors conveyed this message to the DNA, which initially ignored it.  The DNA thought that this would be a phase that would pass and not require adjustment.  So after two weeks of lifting, my son looked the same.  After two months, however, the DNA became convinced that he had lost his mind and determined that more muscle had to be made.  Thus the e-mail went out, and now he looks like a linebacker.”

-Competent Christian Counseling by Clinton and Ohschlager

*can i just say the brain is an amazing creation!?

*healthy habits take time…stick with it!

*i have SO much to learn…


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