mmmm the lovely prompt for 5 minutes on friday….


i spent all last year with joy as my oneword2010 and i remember coming to the end of the year realizing that all of my counting it all joy and all of my lists and all of my thoughts came back to remember that true, honest, good, raw, beautiful joy all is just from His loving hand.  like god is love. god is joy. when you go searching for joy, you really find god.   and while this year of trust (oneword2011) is leading me back to the same place of finding god at the center.

my words are short today as my mind is full and there’s so much i’d love to say and to write and well mostly i’m just thinking of gitz and all that she’s taught me and how she’s been one of those people who really “sees” people and so yes. i don’t have much else to say and it’s definitely one of those just write weeks =)

psst: there’s joy in the journey. there’s joy in breaking. if i let it seep into all the cracks and shine right through to me.

your thoughts on joy?